Participation and giving lectures in the meeting of the world solidarity with Syria

The Center of Justice for Peace by the invitation of Syrian activist groups such as Syrian Student, as the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran participated in the global meeting of solidarity with Syrian people in Sochi Russia.
In this meeting which was held with the presence of over 30 countries around the world such as Russia, France, Germany, Greece, Venezuela, Cuba, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and North Korea, Ali Akbar Sayah Taheri was present as the representative of I.R. Iran. He gave a lecture to support the people of Syria.
The head of the JFP Center in this meeting mentioned the essential support for the oppressed people all around the world and said that Syrian people are an example of injustice which rules the world.
Along with condemnation of terrorist acts in Syria, he mentioned that the supporters of terrorism around the world are the main factor for the loss of peace.
Ali Akbar Sayah Taheri continued to highlight the importance of appreciation for the sacrifices of Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Iraqi and Afghani fighters who fight against terrorism in Syria. He mentioned some of the examples of their sacrifices and also talked about some aspects of the lives of martyrs like Saeid Sayah Taheri and Mohsen Hojaji which was met with a lot of enthusiasm in the meeting.
At the rest of the meeting, the participants sent their condolences to the martyrs of terrorism in Syria and they stressed on the necessity of the global support for the Syrian people and they demanded to stop the intervention of world powers in the destination of Syria.
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