Raising the Palestinian Flag in the World Festival of Youth and Students

As the Public Relations Office of the International Center of Justice for Peace reported, at the time of the protests against Israel in the Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia, the Palestinian flag was raised in the presence of students from different nationalities.
Mohammed Asghari, the International Center of Justice for Peace’s spokesman stated: Unfortunately, the Russian officials have refused to raise Palestine’s flag because this country is not recognized by the UN and this incident was the focus of complaints of anti-imperialist students in the festival.
Asghari said: This incident was in a situation that the flag of Israel was raised for the first time in this festival and some Palestinian students were arrested for trying to pull down the flag.
Asghari said: Based on the idea of the Center of “Justice for Peace”, from the first day of the festival, demonstrations were held against this act and to support the Palestinian students. Also, Iranian students demanded to kick out Israel in the form of a campaign.
He continued: The majority of the participants were supporters of Palestinian slogans and against the occupying acts and horrifying crimes of Israel. Therefore, some other spontaneous moves happened to support Palestine in the formal and informal times of the festival.
Asghari added: By the end of this protest, a big demonstration was held and students from Iran, Lebanon, Cuba, Venezuela, America, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Spain, and Russia participated with the slogans against the occupations.
In the end, by the young students’ endeavors, the flag of Palestine was raised over the entrance of the festival against the interfering acts of few Israelis, and at the same time of this incidents, different scientific meetings were held to assess the issue of Palestine.
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