Participation of the “Justice for Peace” Center in summer school of Youth Dialogue and Peacebuilding

As the Public Relations Office of the International Center of Justice for Peace reported, the summer school of Youth Dialogue and Peacebuilding was held from Tuesday 19th to 22nd of September.
In this round, there were participants from 8 countries in the region: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iran. Moreover, the school was held with the cooperation of the Berghof foundation from Germany and the content was about peace, conflicts, and inter-cultural dialogue. This program for 5 days was an introductory course about fundamental subjects and contents of peacemaking based on cultural interaction. Furthermore, it was designed based on peace studies aiming to create an opportunity for youth dialogue and relation. The syllabus for this workshop was concerned with concepts such as peace, conflict, and its evolution, dialogue, and inter-cultural relation. The method of this workshop was a collaboration with the presence of a facilitator. Along with this program, participants were studying how to interact with different tastes, beliefs, and behaviors. They strived for this goal by simulating different situations in order to create a suitable condition for peaceful coexistence considering the benefit and values of all groups. Participating in the World Peace Day Ceremony and two scientific lectures from German and Austrian professors were other parts of this program.
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