Distributing packs of meat among besieged people in Sana’a and Gaza On Eid Al Adha

The International Center of Justice For Peace public relations reported that for the occasion of Eid Al Adha the young members of Justice For Peace Center collected packages of meat in Iran and sent them to Yemen and Palestine.

The packages of meat were purchased by young Iranians and distributed in Gaza and Saana simultaneously.
Mohammad Asghari the spokesperson for The International Center of Justice For Peace said: This project was totally grassroots, the main goal was to show are solidarity to the oppressed people of Yemen and Palestine; and to show the family of the Martyrs of Yemen and Palestine that we feel their pain, and try to bring them some happiness during this time that they are under blockades.

Asghari also pointed out that Gaza is in an extremely dire situation: The PLO is working side by side with the Zionists to block food and medicine in to the area. Last month 5 Palestinian children were Martyred because medicine did not reach them.
Asghari continued to say that 60 percent of Palestinians in Gaza need the help of the international community to survive the oppression of the Zionists. Asghari continued to say that the situation of Yemeni Nation is very similar to that of the Palestinians. The Yemenis are under a blockade by the Saudi Arabian regime that can starve up to 7 million people; which is the biggest human rights crisis in the last 90 years.
Asghari quoted the Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei saying that the silence of Muslim countries regarding these two topics is unacceptable; and that children are the first casualties of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israelis warmongering in the region.
Mohammad Asghari believes that in this dire situation that exists in the world and region, regular people need to step up and help these nations since the international community is turning a blind eye to the Zionists and Saudis war crimes.
It is also important to mention that The International Center of Justice For Peace has distributed food in other crisis situations; when Al-Aqsa Mosque was blockaded, food was sent by Justice For Peace Center to Jerusalem.

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