Participation and giving lectures in the scientific conference of a multi-polar world, values, and approaches

As the Public Relations of the International Center of Justice for Peace reported, the conference of the multi-polar world, values, and approaches was held having researchers and thinkers participating from over 30 countries in the Sochi city of Russia. A lecture was given by the researcher of the Center of Justice for Peace.
In this one day conference which was held by the “Geopolitica” Institute of Russia, some of the academia and researchers from Iran, Turkey, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Brazil, France, Spain, Belarus, and Germany participated and presented their ideas about the future multipolar world. They assessed different aspects of the world’s evolution in the future from political, economic, and cultural point of views.
In this program, Mohammad Asghari, a cultural and communication researcher form the JFP Center, gave a lecture about the ideas of the Islamic revolution in terms of multi-cultures in the world’s future and provided some of the achievements of the Center of Justice for Peace.
It is worthy to mention that the conference was held along with the Festival of Youth and Students in Russia.
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