Condolences of Iranian and Palestinian members of JFP Center to Kermanshah’s earthquake victims

The “Justice for Peace” International Center sent condolences of a group of Palestinian People to Kermanshah’s earthquake victims and participated in the process of reconstruction in the earthquake region.
As the Public Relations Office of the International Center of Justice for Peace reported, some of the young Palestinian individuals from Gaza have sent their regards for the horrible earthquake in Kermanshah.
These Palestinian teenagers and young men appreciated the Iranian people’s supports by carrying different signs saying “we don’t forget Iran’s compassion” and “we are right beside you in this disaster”.
Also, some of the Iranian members of “justice for peace” center have participated in the fortieth day remembrance funeral of the earthquake victims and they delivered their messages to the grieving families.
It is worthy to note that the “Justice for Peace” Center along with its duties of humanitarian acts has contributed in the process of reconstruction of the region.
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