Ceremony of Solidarity with the Bolivian Revolution in Venezuela’s Tehran Embassy

The Justice for Peace Center, following its view of striving for world peace guaranteed through justice, took part in a ceremony in solidarity with the people & revolution of Venezuela. The ceremony was held in the Venezuelan embassy in Iran as the international assembly of solidarity with the Bolivian revolution took place in Caracas, Venezuela. This specific ceremony in Tehran took place with the attendance of JFP and other NGOs & student run groups amid growing pressure of world imperialism upon Venezuela.
Muhammad Asghari, JFP spokesman, spoke in the ceremony. In addition to expressing his solidarity for the Bolivarian Revolution, Muhammad Asghari condemned the meddling of international powers in the democratic process of Venezuela. He added: “World peace necessitates the fulfillment of justice based on the views of the people. Today the people of Venezuela continue to adhere to their revolutionary principals withstanding the continuous threats & sanctions put against them.” The Venezuelan ambassador expressed his gratitude for the JFP Center’s message & acknowledged his appreciation for the solidarity of the Iranian youth present at the event. He added that this was a sign of a deep connection of hearts between revolutionaries around the world, regardless of race & religion. The ceremony ended with the presentation of a plaque of solidarity between Iran & Venezuela.
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