The International Center of Justice For Peace

We see the implementation of justice & equity in all human societies as the most important ethical, humanitarian & Islamic principal we should strive for. Therefore we know it as our duty to do all we can to reach it
Justice for Peace is an international non-governmental organization striving for the fulfillment of justice while fighting discrimination & the oppression existing in our world today. We do this by the help of a body composed primarily of students, teachers, cultural activists from Iran & other countries.
We believe that injustice is the main reason for the wars & conflicts of the human kind. Therefore attaining sustainable justice for the people of all tribes, societies & nations is the only true way for a sustainable peace.
Hence we strive to work as much as we can, fulfilling our motto: "Dialogue for Peace, Cooperating for Justice"

Our Mission :

• Collaboration for justice:

We believe that no peace will endure without justice. Therefore, in order to attain justice on an international level, global collaboration & cooperation is a necessity.
We believe that injustice can occur & be understood in two different ways.
Injustice in its most negative sense is due to self-indulgence & arrogance, resulting in the oppression of the rights of others. We see the solution for this in collaboration & action against violation of people’s rights.

• Dialogue for peace:

We believe peace necessitates dialogue and that wars are in many cases due to misunderstandings & the lack of efficient channels for dialogue and peaceful problem solving between different nations and states.
The promotion of cross-cultural dialogue on an international level based on interaction between intellectuals and NGO activists with the intent of reducing distances and misconceptions will not only lead to better mutual understanding, but can even create friendly & sympathetic relations between different nations.
This is the process that leads to a firm collaboration for justice, with the result being long-lasting international peace.
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