A festival to Honor Iran & Palestine Friendship Underway in Gaza!

On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha & Ghadeer celebrations, Iranian & Palestinian members of JFP worked together to hold a celebration of Iran/Palestine unity in Gaza. The festival was held in one of Gaza’s parks with the attendance of more than 200 close members of Palestinian martyrs. The children took part in educational & leisure activities.
The activities which included a Qur’an contest, singing, dart competitions, puppet shows, a child theatrical and activities in a local amusement park were instructed by Palestinian teachers working with the JFP Center. A cake carrying a Palestinian & Iranian flag and a “Together to Free Al-Quds” slogan was readied & sliced by the children. The ceremony ended with gifts of toys & school material given to the children as the school year were about to open again. Besides celebrating the new school year for Palestinian children fallen victim to the Israeli onslaught, these celebrations were also done with the aim of deepening cultural ties between the two countries.
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